Admission Procedures
A visit by the prospective student is required. Each applicant must have a personal interview with an administrative representative. During the interview, the representative will discuss the program, as well as each individual’s career goals.

Admission Requirements

In addition to Ohio State Barber Board laws, the Ohio State College of Barber Styling requires the following items for issuance of a student barber license
The following criteria apply to both the 1800 hour and the 1000 hour barbering programs):

√ Completion of an initial interview and tour of the facilities
√ $50.00 deposit (Applied to the total cost of tuition).
√ Verification of name change (Marriage, Court Order, etc.).
√ Valid Photo Identification (State Driver's License, State Issued Identification, Passport).
√ Social Security Card.
√ Copy of Birth Certificate.
√ High School Diploma/Official Transcript, or GED, prior to start date.
√ Valid Ohio Cosmetology License for 1000-Hour Program.
√ Satisfaction of ALL Ohio State Barber Board Requirements:
spacer► Be at least 17 years of age prior to start date;
spacer► All documents must be submitted as requested;
spacer► If the applicant has a prior felony conviction, approval is required by the Ohio State
spacerspacer Barber Board;
spacer► Money Order for $40.00 (made payable to the Ohio State Barber Board).